In September 2016 I spent a couple of days in Berlin as I didn’t want to go far away and needed a break from work. So I decided Berlin it is. In Berlin, I met some really nice people to hang out with.

In only a couple of days you can see most of Berlin. The highlights such as the tv tower, the jewish district and Charlies checkpoint. As Berlin has a rich history because of the second world war, I thought it would be best to take a tour and not to explore the city myself. That way, you get to know the history of the city without a haste.

My friend recommended me a bike tour as the sights are not centered. The tour covered some important parts such as:

  • Charlies checkpoint
  • Watch tower
  • Statue
  • Brandenburg gate
  • Government building.

I like to meet locals during my trip as they know the hidden gems of the city, and I was lucky to meet a view. One of the recommendations I got was to go to the rooftopbar (I love rooftopbars) called Klunkerkranich. It’s on top the Neukölln shopping mall. They have a terrace where you can chill with your friends and enjoy the view. It’s absolutely a great place to spent your evening with.  In this Rooftopbar I met with some other people who either live in or traveled to Berlin. One of the girls who lives in Berlin for some time told me to go to the Devils mountain.

As I figured out, the Devil’s mountain is a mountain built from the garbage of the 2 world war. They had trown all cement of bombared buildings in place and now this place is filled with wood (and feral pigs :p). When you’ve reached the top you enter some hipsters museum full with gravity painted walls. As you look around tand enjoy the stunning paintings of Todo, you’ll find yourself walking up the building which is used to



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